HelpFlow Careers

HelpFlow provides a “done for you” live chat service for e-commerce stores. We chat with the website visitors on our customers’ websites and answer their questions, which ultimately leads to significant increases in online sales for our customers. We are a startup, but are very well established (many customers, not just a few people on the team, etc.)

Are you the right fit? Here are a few things to consider…

Broad mindset and experience:

  • If you have never worked in an unstructured “figure it out” environment, please don’t apply. You will be trained and have support and guidance along the way. But if you are used to operating in a very structured environment with a narrow “here’s your role” job and a clear path to each of your days, then this is not the position for you.
  • If you “want to work for a startup” but haven’t before, then you *(probably)* shouldn’t apply. Startups are great, but they are also horrible. The highs are high because YOU got to the high – that’s great! But the lows are (extremely) low because YOU are the only one that will be able to get out of the low. If you don’t, you die. If you think working for a startup would be “cool”, this is not the job for you. BUT if you are thinking of a specific tough situation you’ve had in a startup (yours or someone elses) while reading this, then you might be a fit ; )

Culture Fit For Our Company

Happy and Successful on A Virtual Team

You prefer working virtually, you’re happy in this environment, and you use best practices for virtual teams to be successful.

Independently Effective

Once you understand the end goal, you are able to work independently day by day to achieve that goal. You know when to seek out help if needed.

Fast Learner

You don’t know everything, but can learn anything with a little direction from your Manager and the initiative you have to find self-guided / online resources.

Computer Savvy and Efficient

You have moderate to advanced computer experience, such as navigating quickly, using multiple apps at once, etc.

Levelling Up

You see and pursue opportunities to improve yourself, and the company.


You respect creating and using processes, and take the time to document processes so that other team members can support you and scale your success.

Open Positions


If you have excellent written and oral communication skills and its your passion to help out customers by providing excellent service, this role is for you. We’re looking for reliable and committed individuals to chat with our clients’ customers and help them out on any question or issue that they may have while browsing our clients’ website.

Sales Account Strategist

We are looking for a Sales Account Strategist to handle our Sales Funnel by moving prospects thru stages with the goal of signing them up to one of our Service.

We have been in the business for over 7 years now with more than 100 eCommerce store clients. We are very well established with robust process within each department. In Sales, we have a well documented and robust process that got us to where we are and we are looking for someone to take the foundation we’ve built and lessons we’ve learned, and “own” the sales process to grow our customer base and take it to the next level. It’s not going to be “easy” – but it’s pretty “simple” to understand what is needed.