eCommerce visitors assume you’re shutdown, unless a human can reassure them. 24/7 live chat is essential…

Even if you have announcements on your website, visitors assume that your business is shutdown during this crisis and unable to fulfill orders. Having a human available on live chat 24/7 to reassure prospects and triage customer service questions in real-time will provide critical confidence, maximize sales, and minimize refunds / chargebacks. 

Running live chat 24/7 is tough, but we can help…

HelpFlow Provides 24/7 Live Chat Teams to Over 100 eCommerce Stores

At HelpFlow, we’ve been providing 24/7 Live Chat teams for over a 100 eCommerce Stores for 5 Years.  To support you in the Covid-19 crisis, we are providing a triage version of our service at a fraction of the cost to keep your prospects confident and your customers informed.

Our Agents Provide Live Chat Help 24/7

Our team of agents will be live on your website 24/7 answering visitors questions.  Response time is a matter of seconds, which goes a long way in these uncertain times. 

Confidence & Realtime Customer Service

We will clarify shipping and order status details for prospects before they buy and also update customers with tracking information after they have purchased. 

Maximize Orders, Minimize Chargebacks

By providing realtime support, we will ensure you get the maximum number of orders during this time and also avoid costly refund and chargeback scenarios where customers assume you’re out of business.

For additional customer service situations, we will seamlessly integrate with your ticketing system and set expectations on response time so that everyone feels taken care of.

Launch 24/7 Live Chat Quickly

By having our team live 24/7 reassuring customers, you’ll be able to continue to drive sales through this crisis.  Our onboarding process is fast and effective, and we can get started right away.

Strategy Call

Have a brief strategy call with our team to evaluate the service.

Fast Onboarding

Our team will gather all the info we need and be ready for launch within 48 hours.

Close Collaboration

We will work closely with you to effectively and efficiently keep visitors informed. 
We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with staffing solutions for over five years. We are doing our part to help small businesses get through this crisis by dramatically increasing our workforce and simplifying the process to integrate team members into your business.

Even if we don’t work together, we’d be happy to answer questions to support you through this time.

Jon Tucker

CEO, HelpFlow