How HelpFlow Live Chat and Customer Service Team Skyrockets Conversions for Customers

Hear from companies just like yours about how working with HelpFlow altered the trajectory of their business.

How HelpFlow Live Chat and Customer Service Skyrockets Conversions for Customers

Hear from companies just like yours about how working with HelpFlow altered the trajectory of their business.

More than 100 eCommerce stores from all over the world are using HelpFlow’s Live Chat and Customer Service team to increase conversions and checkout recovery.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few of our 100+ happy HelpFlow clients. 

Revenue Results

Chat Produced £22k in Revenue in Less Than 30 Days and Chat Conversion Rate is 2.5X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate 

Company That Sells Personal Health Supplements and Accessories

Chat Produced AU$72k in Revenue in Less Than 30 Days and Chat Conversion Rate is 5.7X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Company That Sells Lighting Products and Accessories

Chat Produced $20k in Revenue in Less Than 30 Days and Chat Conversion Rate is 4.1X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Company That Sells Luxury Hangers,
Shoe Care and Clothing Accessories

Chat Produced $23k in Revenue in Less Than 30 Days and Chat Conversion Rate is 2.7X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Company That Sells
Baby Products and Clothing

Chat Produced $20k in Revenue in Less Than 30 Days and Chat Conversion Rate is 5.7X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Company That Sells Pure Ceramic Cookware

Chat Produced $38k in Revenue in Less Than a Month and Conversion Rate is 4.7X Higher than Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Company That Sells Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Company

HelpFlow agents predict cart abandonment before they occur to
proactively reengage shoppers.

The Challenge:
Visitors with questions on site outside of business hours

The Outcome:
24/7 live chat resulted in 110X Revenue Impact

Lighting Company

HelpFlow simplified complex product selection and helped focus the customer search.

The Challenge: Search Fatigue 

The Outcome: Client increased conversions by 5X and Average Order Value by 43%

The Challenge: Client Concerns About Live Chat Cost

The Outcome: HelpFlow more than paid for itself. Client saw double-digit ROI every month.

Gun And Firearms Company

HelpFlow’s comprehensive client onboarding process enabled us to methodically learn every part of the client’s business and seamlessly integrate 24/7 live chat support.

The Challenge: Complex Product Selection 

The Outcome: Answers provided by HelpFlow’s live chat agents were so effective that an additional 1,299 sales were made on the client’s website in just 1 month.

The Challenge: Concerns about outsourcing customer service

The Outcome: HelpFlow learned the business and the products so well, in fact, that Average Order Value increased by 40%.

What HelpFlow Clients Are Saying

Conversions, speed, quality, and efficiency are what clients expect. But they end up pleasantly surprised that they actually get much more with HelpFlow. 

Client That Sells Lighting



Client That Sells Breast Pumps



Client That Sells Lash Products




So before HelpFlow, we were fairly time poor around here. Lots of client calls, lots of tickets and lots of chats. The chats were over 100 a day. That got taken away from us and it just allowed us to focus on our sales and customer service of big clients.

I was very skeptical. I didn’t think you would be able to pull it off — lighting is very technical. But it’s been the opposite, our customer rating approval is over 90% for chats. Very, very professional. A customer can go on any time of day and then get a response within seconds.

Once the chat is initiated, the conversion rate is six times higher than if the chat wasn’t initiated. So that number there alone is a no-brainer. When you’ve got that running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you literally cannot lose.

Mitchell E.

CEO, Company Selling Lighting Supplies

Great service that has most definitely increased our sales. We find most of our customers who are looking to buy from our website do so between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. This is obviously when our office is closed but with HelpFlow they continue when we stop. Assisting our customers when we are not available to do so. This live chat feature with HelpFlow also leaves my sales team free to generate bigger sales as they are not interrupted during working hours with live chat visitors. As a result we have sales generated from live chat and also our sales teams sales are kept separate.

Johnpaul M.

Owner, Company Selling Insulation Products

I love how fast you guys react to the feedback we provide. It’s been great to see you implement things so quickly and constantly improve.
David B.

Wooden Structures and Furniture Manufacturer

We hired HelpFlow because we saw an opportunity to increase conversion rates across the board, specifically at checkout where we had a bit of a leaky bucket situation and we just wanted to increase conversions.

The HelpFlow agents being online 24/7 were fielding tons and tons of chats that really took a lot of pressure off our internal team. It improves user experience and helps reduce the workload for our team.

The HelpFlow approach is really data driven but what we got beyond that was we got the experience of getting to operate a website which has 24/7 live chat which beyond all the metrics, it just really enhances user experience.

Your team is amazing, they’re dynamite. They’re always there. I just felt that communication with them has been great. Our experience with HelpFlow has been top shelf, I would highly recommend working with HelpFlow.


CMO, Company Selling Online Courses

We have used HelpFlow for several years now. Prior to using them we tried live chat on our own, but we were unable to consistently provide quick responses. With HelpFlow, our Web Site customers now have access to live chat 7 days per week. The complicated questions are referred over to our inside sales team, so they can concentrate on warm leads and not routine questions. Our web site conversions have gone up consistently, which clearly justifies the cost of this service. I would highly recommend this service to any company selling products online.

Edward G.

Owner, Wheels and Tires Company

We want to make our website world class and hired HelpFlow to handle live chat better than we were doing. HelpFlow stepped right in and quickly become a core part of our team. I highly recommend them!
Mark B.

CEO, Medical Equipment Company

Great product! We’re constantly learning from our customers, and we’ve experienced consistent improvements to conversion rates. The HelpFlow team is engaged and committed to help you grow your business.

Owner, Company Selling Gaming Peripherals

We’ve been working with HelpFlow for a couple of years and I feel it’s the best single investment I’ve made on the internet. They keep refining their responses so people visiting our site get helpful information and are set up nicely when we do speak to them.
Larry G.

Owner, ATM Distributor and Processor

We used chat before HelpFlow but limited hours. It didn’t have so much of a positive effect on our business just because it was kind of limited.

At first, I wasn’t too sure. Obviously I had some concerns but I think your team is really good. I think they learn as they go which is good too. We learn from our mistakes and we’re always adapting, so pretty happy with the results.

People have questions they need answered, they generally want the answer right there, right then. Just speaking to a real person instills confidence in the brand.

You guys did a good job adapting and learning what our brand sounds like and how we talk, how we respond and our core values. You guys are doing a good job!


Co-Founder, Company Selling Jewelry

WE LOVE HELPFLOW! We couldn’t keep up with the chats in-house and Edward and his team have been phenomenal! Our conversions and revenues have increased substantially. The cost is a no brainer as their direct efforts have netted us well over 4x to 5x the cost of the monthly service.

Rob S.

HelpFlow has been so much more than we imagined. Conversions are way up. Lead generation was non-existent and now we have a steady flow of leads daily.. and pretty well qualified for our sales team. The quality of the agents and their command of our business at this level is phenomenal. Customer support has been responsive and professional. After 6 months using the service I only have good things to say about HelpFlow, their process and their people. Very satisfied!


My company has been working with for the past 2 years. We have been able to close several deals due to the interaction that they have with potential customers that visit our site. I highly recommend their services!

Ron P.

Great experience with HelpFlow. We’ve been working with Jon and his team for over 2 years and the chat reps keep getting better and better at understanding our business and communicating with potential customers. Their pricing is fair and we’d recommend them to anyone. Two thumbs up.

Dan N.

This service has been very useful in shepherding visitors through the sales process. The staff learned our scripts and are helpful answering questions from visitors. We are very satisfied with their service.

Andrew S.

We’ve been with HelpFlow for some time and now and we have been pleased with our ROI since going live. They have provided a significant amount of leads to our company aside from simply being live to chat with our customers. It’s great to basically have another employee representing our company. I’ve been pleased with our relationship.

Travis Y.

Very comprehensive service at a fair price. I love the way the team ‘learns’ as the project moves forward. I would recommend for ALL online shops as prospective customers have questions and having the ability to communicate with a human any time of the day is huge….


We’ve used HelpFlow on our eCommerce store for over 2 years now and have seen a consistent positive ROI from the service. There’s a measurable improvement in conversion rate from visitors who engaged with HelpFlow chat agents. HelpFlow is also consistently improving: they’ve introduced longer chat hours and they always take and incorporate feedback promptly. Overall a great company to work with.


We were very nervous about outsourcing our after hours live chat for our ecommerce business, but knew we needed to do something. Fortunately, Helpflow has been a very positive experience for us so far – from a very thorough interview process to understand our business processes to continual back and forth communication with their support team to make sure chat questions and leads are handled properly. Highly recommended!


We’ve been working with HelpFlow for a few years and have always been happy with the service and flexibility. They do a great job of pointing our friction points on our website and letting us know what customers are struggling with.


My company has been working with Helpflow for more than a year. They are very professional and I’m very satisfied with their services! We’re getting more and more online sales and inquiries than before. Strongly recommended!


Very happy with these guys. Good, cheap, and get the job done. Will continue to use them. Very happy with these guys. Good, cheap, and get the job done. Will continue to use them. Very happy with these guys. Good, cheap, and get the job done. Will continue to use them.

Aaron W.

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS IS PURE GOLD. Do whatever it takes to get them on your side; your business with leap forward. Our sales growth lept forward massively , instantly as soon as we had them up and running on our site. Total game changer. A far cry from the poor job that we had been doing prior because we didn’t have the manpower to handle doing ourselves.

Jeff R.

We have been using HelpFlow’s service for little over a year and it has been a great help to our team at the office and as well as for our customers. Visitors are often hesitant in picking up the phone and making a phone call but feel more comfortable to have a chat online. Having HelpFlow available across all devices makes it even more useful. Cheers!

Kamal M.

We sell custom home furnishings online which requires a lot of in-depth product knowledge and customer “hand-holding” throughout the buying process. HelpFlow’s chat agents were able to pick up on the unique nuances of our business quickly and are now able to answer our customers intricate furniture questions with ease. The best part is… we’ve proven that potential customers who chat with HelpFlow agents on our site and then purchase have a much higher AOV and conversion rate. I highly recommend HelpFlow!

Jeff K.

Mentions of Great Chats in Product Reviews

The agent was very helpful and friendly! My problem was resolved within a few minutes. Very helpful and recommended the rewards program which I didn’t know about.

I will buy because of your agent.

Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

A special thanks to (chat agent), I chatted with her last night and she helped me set this up. Can’t thank her enough.
Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

The (PRODUCT) is awesome! It’s a great product, and the chat function on (WEBSITE) helped my decision. Free shipping is nice too, it’s like shopping locally. I will recommend (WEBSITE).
Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

I am completely floored by the quality of the service I just received! I went online to look for my dream table and was having a hard time finding it. Today I landed on (WEBSITE) and my challenges were quickly removed.

First there was the online chat. I did not see the exact table I was looking for but saw two that were close. I was able to describe what I liked in both of those tables and the online person sent that information to (CUSTOMER)

Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

Greatest and fastest customer service I’ve ever seen, yeez, really surprised.

Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

As soon as I logged in, I was greeted by a chat box asking if I needed help. I am normally very annoyed by this sort of experience, but the tone of the initial message was extremely welcoming. In the end, I found (CHAT AGENT) to be very pleasant and he answered all my questions promptly.
Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

Great customer service! I was surprised to have on line assistance while browsing their Websites @ 8:30 in the evening. They were willing to beat another company ‘s price with no problem. My table was not in stock so they offered me an upgrade for the same price. Very professional & courteous.

Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

Very professional and extremely helpful and friendly staff… On the phone and on line
Visitor We Chatted With

Excerpt From Product Review

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