We help small businesses keep their operations running after temporary layoffs due to the Covid 19 crisis. 

Businesses are scrambling to cut costs, and layoffs are a major part of that scramble. But what if temporary layoffs of employees is a win win win for everyone? Your employees can get a significant portion of their paycheck for months or years while you bring your costs down so there is a business to come back to after the dust settles…

Strategic Layoffs May Be a Win, Win, Win

During a crisis, many business owners start by cutting external expenses so that they can keep their team and avoid layoffs. But they often end up having to lay off those same employees weeks later and sometimes go bankrupt because of that lost time keeping the business afloat. With the COVID-19 workforce crisis, diligent business leaders are focusing on survival for the next 90 days and keeping the business alive so that employees that get laid off will have a business to come back after the dust settles.

The Government Will Help Employees

The US government is rapidly deploying unemployment support. In many states in the US, employees receive 60 to 70% of their income starting the following week that they are laid off. Diligent business leaders are proactively laying off employees while helping them get access to these resources quickly. They are taking care of their team while preserving the business for them to return to later. 

Businesses Can Lower Short Term Costs

The COVID-19 workforce crisis is unique. Diligent business leaders are focused on survival for the next 90 days by cutting down on workforce costs during this time to provide space to weather the storm. This ensures there is a business for everyone to come back to at the end of the crisis.

Business Keep Running with a Lean Staff

To keep the business alive during this time despite laying off team members, businesses can leverage part-time low-cost temporary staff across the globe to keep core business operations moving. 

This won’t be easy, but it is possible to replace a big portion of the laid off team with temporary staff for a fraction of the cost.

The Business Survives and Thrives

By acting quickly and strategically by laying off employees and replacing them with a temporary staffing solution, you’re able to keep the business alive during this crisis. By surviving, you enable your employees to have a business to come back to you and thrive in the future.

Government Relief Programs Hurt Small Businesses

The above scenario is the best outcome at the moment, but legislation that has already passed and additional upcoming legislation could negatively impact small businesses and even bankrupt many.  The laws are being updated weekly during the crisis, but below are the most alarming trends. 

Some Government Business Loans Block Layoffs

The government is providing business loans at a low rate. But some of these loans block layoff abilities, which could bankrupt the business by forcing them to keep staff employed. 

Most Business Loans are Personally Guaranteed

The business loans the government is providing are often personally guaranteed. Many of these loans could ultimately ruin business owners financially.

New Laws Make Layoffs More Expensive

New laws being passed will make layoffs much more expensive for businesses to execute in the coming weeks and months, in the form of added PTO, sick leave, etc due at the time of layoffs. 

Laws Force Paid Company Leave of 10+ Weeks

The new laws force up to 10+ weeks of paid leave for sickness or even child care school closure situations. These put businesses in a position of paying a workforce that’s not able to work. 
Government programs and legislation vary state by state and are being updated daily and weekly during the crisis. Consult with your state’s appropriate legal and HR counsel on how this impacts your specific business. The above is not legal advice, but it is important information to trigger your research.

We Are Supporting Small Businesses

At HelpFlow, we have been providing remote customer service solutions to 100+ diverse businesses for over 5 years. We’ve repurposed our infrastructure, expertise, and access to vast workforce resources to help small businesses through this time. We can provide temporary skilled staffing resources at a fraction of the cost of your employees to help you navigate the crisis. This enables you to weather the crisis and keep your business operations going. 

Small or Large Teams

Whether you need 1 person part-time or 10+ people full-time, we can help. We have trained team members ready to deploy.

Diverse Skill Sets

Support is available for many functions, incl. customer and project management, and even professional services support. 

Experienced Management

In addition to staff, we provide a full management / collaboration routine to integrate successfully with your company.
We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with staffing solutions for over five years. We are doing our part to help small businesses get through this crisis by dramatically increasing our workforce and simplifying the process to integrate team members into your business.

Even if we don’t work together, we’d be happy to answer questions to support you through this time.
Jon Tucker

CEO, HelpFlow

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