See How Our Done For You 24 / 7 Live Chat Team Can Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate 10-30%

Live Chat is not just a customer service tool. Successful eCommerce stores use live chat as a way to increase conversion rate, drive average order value, and decrease cart abandonment.

We provide a 24 / 7 live chat team for 100+ eCommerce stores (i.e. how our team is available on live chat).

If you run an established e-commerce store, book a Live Chat Strategy Call with our CEO today. We’ll review your analytics, identify where you are losing buyers, and share how to use live chat effectively to drive more sales. 

Unique fashion accessory with Facebook traffic goes from 1% to 4.3% conversion rate- instantly. 

While this is definitely a unique case, it shows the power of offering instant live chat answers, compared to only phone or email support.

  • This client sells a unique low cost fashion accessory and gets a lot of Facebook traffic.
  • By adding live chat as an instant Q&A option for visitors that arrived at the site from a Facebook or Instagram post, we were able to increase conversions from 1% to 4.3% in 1 day.

For those of you experienced in ecommerce, it’s fair to say these results aren’t typical. But it’s quite the win, and demonstrates that providing only email support is NOT an option anymore. 

High end collectibles store increases revenue by 27% in 3 weeks – with a 37X ROI!

This online retailer sells high end collectibles and is well established. Their audience is research heavy and wants to truly understand the product before making a purchase. 

  • By making our 24 / 7 live chat team available to engage visitors as they research products, we were able to increase their revenue by 27% in just 3 weeks.
  • This was a 37X ROI on the cost of adding the service to the site, which doesn’t even factor in the repeat purchases that will happen from these customers.

This is a no brainer for this client!

Luxury men’s brand sees 5X conversion rate for visitors that chat!

This client is a luxury men’s fashion brand, selling high end products mostly through Facebook.

  • This price point of this client’s products is quite high which caused their sitewide conversion rate to be around 1%.
  • By adding live chat and truly selling the value of the service, we were able to convert over 5% of chats into sales – a 5x increase over the sitewide conversion rate.

Some of our other clients…

If you have an established e-commerce store, you need our 24 / 7 live chat team.

About Us

At HelpFlow, We Provide a 24/7 Live Chat Team For Your Ecommerce Store

You know your visitors have questions before buying your products, but frankly – staffing your own live chat team 24/7 is way too expensive. 

If you’ve ever run live chat yourself before, you know how time consuming it is. The constant interruptions throughout the day distract you and your team from doing their main job. 

But live chat converts and produces sales because you’re giving your visitors an easy way to get answers to the questions that hold them back from buying.

You need a live chat team 24/7, but hiring your own costs $1000’s per month! 

We can help! We provide a 24/7 live chat team for 100s of ecommerce stores. We staff your site with skilled agents 24/7 that can help your visitors and boost sales. 

The reason it works is due to how we learn your business so we can truly help your visitors. Our process works, and it can work for you.


Here are MORE Results We’ve Achieved For Clients

See How Our 24 / 7 Live Chat Team Can Increase YOUR Sales

We’ve been working with HelpFlow for a couple of years and I feel it’s the best single investment I’ve made on the internet. They keep refining their responses so people visiting our site get helpful information.
Larry G. - Sells Business Equipment

We’ve used HelpFlow for over 3 years now and have seen a consistent positive ROI from the service. There’s a measurable improvement in conversion rate from visitors who engaged with HelpFlow chat agents. Overall a great company to work with.

JP - Sells Dental Accessories

Prior to using HelpFlow we tried live chat on our own, but we were unable to consistently provide quick responses. With HelpFlow, our customers have access to live chat 24/7. Our web site conversions have gone up consistently, clearly justifying the cost of this service. I would highly recommend this service to any company selling products online.
Edward G - Sells Car Accessories

Great product! We’re constantly learning from our customers, and we’ve experienced consistent improvements to conversion rates. The HelpFlow team is engaged and committed to help you grow your business.
Ronald B - Sells Video Gaming Accessories

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