98% Of Your Web Visitors Leave Without Inquiring…

HelpFlow Provides Real-Human Live Chat Agents to increase sales, answer questions, generate leads, & help your online visitors

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We Talk To Your Website Visitors Before They Leave

You know your customers have questions. And you also know that every unanswered question means more sales for your competitors.

We Learn Your Business

We’ve worked with every industry, and we work with you to create the perfect knowledge-base our agents use to answer your visitors questions.

Humans Not Bots

People want to talk to people, not bots. Our agents are real people, used to chat to your web visitors 24/7.

We Capture 8X More Leads & Sales

Our agents are experts at capturing leads and sales. They respond within 5 seconds, qualify your visitors enquiry and send leads via email, sms or CRM. In realtime!

Step 1: Visitors Hit Your Website

HelpFlow will save your staff hours of idly sitting on chat, or qualifying out the time wasters from the prospects – so they can focus on their jobs

Proactive Pop-Up Engagement

Don’t wait for a visitor to click the chat button. We’ve determined the optimal time to automatically pop up and start communicating with the customer.

Fast Responses 24/7

The key to capturing more leads from chat is fast responses. Every chat must be answered within 5-10 seconds to get the best conversion from a visitor to a lead or sale.

Personalization & Brand Identity

We customize the look and feel of the chat window to your specifications. We take it further, and will customize the greetings based on your criteria.

Step 2: We Qualify & Convert


Quality Responses

Chat conversations should provide your visitors with enough information to instil trust so that they’re prepared to pass their details on. Our team makes your visitors feel welcome on your site!


Qualifying Questions

We specialize in delivering qualified leads. Using qualifying questions, we can ask visitors for details like their budget, ZIP code, or anything else to help you discern a good lead from time wasters.


Lead Capture

We can capture name, email, cell/mobile phone, nature of their enquiry, qualifying questions, referring URL, page chat was initiated and much more!


Chat Script Experts

We have a dedicated team of chat script writers who prepare our agents to wow your visitors with quality conversations that result in loads of leads and sales.

Focused On Conversion

Our team has A/B tested thousands of chat flows over the years to ensure the highest rate of chats get converted into meaningful leads or sales that are easy for you fulfill or close.

Step 3: Leads Management & Portal

Reports & Analytics

View detailed reports including chat and lead volume, response times, greeting to chat ratios and much more.

Stop Losing Leads & Sales To The Competition & Actually Drive Live Chat Results At Scale!


+ Average Boost In Conversion Rate


+ Chats Complete


+ Leads Produced


Online 24/7

Step 4: We Never Stop Optimizing

Conversion Experts

Our conversion rate experts constantly review your vital stats to improve your visitor-to-chat and chat-to-lead conversions.

Chat Reports

Use our chat reports to see how often particular questions get answered by our agents.

Convert More

Website visitors who participate in live chat tend to convert 3-4 times as often as those who don’t due to the instant assistance.

Split Testing

We run split tests, measuring different greetings, pop-up times, stylings and mobile optimization to get the best results for you.

Dedicated Management

You will have a dedicated account manager to assist you with your account questions and requests.

Have Questions? Chat With Us To Learn More