Looking for a LiveChat Inc. Live Chat Alternative?

So you’re looking for a LiveChat Inc. alternative?
Have you considered a fully managed done of you live chat service?

It’s great that you see the value in using Live Chat for your website.  It can increase your conversion rate if done properly.  We’ve seen live chat increase site-wide conversion rate as much as 30% – it works.

Now you’re looking for the best live chat software to use, right?  There are a hundreds of live chat alternatives out there offering diverse features. LiveChat Inc. is one of the popular options.

Before we share a LiveChat Inc. alternative, here are a few things this software does well.

LiveChat Inc. is Easy to Install and Use.  And It’s Highly Secured.

As they say, relationships with customers can be complex but your tool to connect with them shouldn’t be.  It’s very easy to setup LiveChat Inc. on your website.  Just subscribe to the software, insert the code, and do some customization to match your company branding – then launch.  Talk directly to your customers on your website.

The LiveChat Inc. interface is simple which makes training easier for your team. You will be able to chat with customers and give them real-time chat support in no time.

LiveChat Inc. is highly flexible.  You can chat with your customers using your browser in your computer or an app in your mobile device.  Whether your in front of your computer or your tablet, you will be able to chat with your website visitors.

Aside from fast installation and ease of use, LiveChat Inc. is highly secured.  You will only have access to data related to your chats.  All recorded chats are encrypted which protects you and your customers from any unauthorized access.

Fast and Easy Setup. Be able to chat in minutes.

Handle 10x More Customers on Chat

Chat With Your Customers on Your Desktop or Mobile

Information is Secure Even on Chat

Automatic Chat invites

Help Your Customer From Start to Checkout

Get Your Chat Graded

LiveChat Inc. is Packed with Customer Centric Features.

LiveChat Inc. offers a vast range of features focused on the customer.  These features will help you provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and great customer experience.

Instead of waiting for your customers to click on the chat button and engage with you, LiveChat Inc. gives you the ability to automatically invite customers to engage in a chat session.  By letting your customers know that you are there on standby and ready to assist them with their questions, it makes them feel important and well taken care of.

Since LiveChat Inc. gives you the visibility and information on the pages visited by your customers, you will be able to guide them during the entire shopping process.  You can recommend products your customer is interested in or offer better alternatives.  The goal here is to bring the customer to your check out page and complete the purchase.

At the end of each chat session, your customer will be given the opportunity to rate your chat.  This will give you an insight to see how you’re getting at customer service so that you can constantly improve the quality of your support.


LiveChat Inc. Gives Information-rich Analytics and Reporting.

LiveChat Inc. has its own Reporting and Analytics section that’s filled with a lot of useful and rich information that will help you to become successful in running your own live chat.  Some of the reports that you can get from the platform are:

  1. Speed of responses – one of the ultimate goals when you run your live chat is to be able to provide responses to your customers instantaneously.  With this report, you will be able to see the trend of the speed and compare it with events on that timeframe.  You will be able to analyze and correlate your results and identify factors affecting your speed of response.
  2. Customer Satisfaction Rating – we want our customers to be happy whenever they contact us thru chat.  An excellent feature of LiveChat Inc. is that customers will be able to rate you every after a chat session.  This information gets stored in LiveChat inc.’s system so that you can analyze patterns later on.  By analyzing trends and actual chat transcripts, you will be able to improve your chat person’s skills and be the best in what they do.

By having access to these reports, you will have enough visibility on your team’s over-all performance.  This will give you the ability to identify Chat Support Rockstars that you can promote to your team members as models and source leaders from within the team.

Measure Your Team's Performance

Increase Your Customer Happiness Rating

Analyze Metrics and Showcase Your Rockstars

LiveChat Inc. is definitely one chat software we would recommend if you want to run live chat yourself.  We even use it ourselves when we handle Live Chat of our customers.

Here’s a LiveChat Inc. alternative you might not have considered.


Have you considered having a company like HelpFlow run the chat for you (i.e. chatting with your visitors)

If You Run Live Chat Yourself
Make Sure You Follow These Best Practices

You need to be online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.  Based on statistics from hundreds of eCommerce store that we’ve helped, a lot of visitors go to their website outside business hours.  You need to be there to answer their questions.  Not being able to engage with them when they visit your website will frustrate your visitors and may hurt your conversion rate.

You need to have at least 3 dedicated people to handle live chat for your business.  This will give you enough staff to cover your live chat based on the schedule mentioned.  As a business owner, you shouldn’t be handling live chat yourself.  It’s not the best use of your time and you should be focused on growing your business and not answering Tier I questions.

You need to train your agents and provide them with all of the resources they need to learn your business (like a knowledge base).  These will make your agents become successful in their job.  If you don’t have a robust training system and knowledge base, your visitors won’t get the help they need and will leave without buying.

Look at the Costs To
Run Live Chat Yourself

(USD) Per Month

(USD) To create KB

(USD) Per Month

(USD) Per Month

It costs at least $4,500 per month to host and run your own live chat team.  This does not include initial training expenses, additional hiring expenses (in case of bad hires or attrition) and maintenance.

HelpFlow provides done for you live chat service.  We make everything simple and effective by:

We will create the knowledge base for you.  This will contain all answers to questions we’ve compiled from hundreds of eCommerce sites we helped through these years.  We will also maintain and update the knowledge base whenever new information is given.  This will allow us to continuously learn your business and from there, we will be able to handle all questions asked before–this will lessen the questions we will be forwarding to you.

We will be providing you the team who will handle your live chat.  We have a robust training system and our team has done this for hundreds of eCommerce sites–they are highly skilled in handling live chat.  Our team will handle your live chat 15 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).  By having our team handle your live chat, it eliminates the possibility of bad hires, lack of manpower due to attrition and training new employees.

We will provide you the live chat software to use for your website.  You no longer need to sign up for it separately.  Installation only take a few minutes and you’ll have a live chat system on your website in no time.  By using our live chat software, you will also be able to review chat transcripts so that you can check the quality of the chats done by our agents.  We will also provide you reports showing the results of our service to your conversion thru periodic reports.

It only takes us 7 days to launch.  We will be learning your business no matter how complicated it is and we will continue to learn your business for as long as you are a customer.  We will be handling live chat on your website 15 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays–for as low as $997 per month.

We hope this comparison between Olark and HelpFlow was useful to you. Our goal is to let you see how we can help you manage your live chat just like how we do it with hundreds of eCommerce stores–at a fraction of the cost should you decide to manage live chat yourself.

Interested in working with us?  Contact us at sales@helpflow.net.

I was your biggest skeptic, but you turned me around and now I’m your biggest fan.

You’ve changed my business in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And YES – you 110% earned my business–and learned my business–and have done a great job. Thank you!

Jeff Roth

CEO, GiftedTouch.com

Watch our quick demo below to see how we helped 100s of eCommerce sites by handling their Live Chat.

I’m very impressed with HelpFlow’s dedication to providing an excellent chat service for our customers. Their chat agents put in a very good effort to provide helpful answers.  Each time I gave them feedback for improvement, they responded quickly and immediately integrated the suggestions into their responses. They’re on the ball and constantly improving!


Owner, ProTeethGuard.com