24/7 Live Chat Agents For Websites

Real-Human Live Chat Agents to answer questions, generate leads, & help your website visitors

The “Live Chat” Process…

We have a simple 3 step process to deploying Live Chat on your site


Our in-house live chat support team helps you to get onboard through a quick sign-up process moving you to next step of activation.

Agent Training

Our team of chat agents go through rigorous process of training developed To familarize themselves with your product and services,website,developed scripts and company as a whole.

Going Live

Now we are set to meet and greet your website visitors though our smartly trained agents, getting you more leads than ever before.


Real People 24/7

We understand how important it is to get visitors to your Website! Every Visitor is a probable Customer. Let our Chat Agents remain online round the clock and increase your leads.

Chat Transcripts

All chats will be sent real time to you. You can always see what our chat agents are chatting. You are welcome to guide them so that they can generate more sales.

Lead Forwarding

We will send you data of important sales leads that we gather from chats. We will take utmost care while talking to potential customers and will keep the high engagement.

Trained Agents

We have qualified & experienced agents who can engage with your website’s visitors and convert them into customers. They are trained for chat support & lead generation.

Easy Setup

You sign-up, put the code on your website and we will train our Agents and will make them live on your website.

We're The Best

We love comparisons and we know that if you found us then you know all other players too. Try our services you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Choose the best!

Why Choose HelpFlow?

We're Not Robots

We’re not robots who pretend to find the right answer. We’re real humans, experts at building a personal connection with your visitors and producing sales.

More Chats = More Leads

We’re cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to manage your live chat. And you get access to our entire team of live chat agents and experts!

Cost Effective

Your dedicated account manager will work hand-in-hand to continually optimize your live chat service approach for the best results.
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Boost Leads

Offering a chat option on your website provides loads of new and otherwise lost leads that can turn into a significant sales increase.

Reduce Cost

Live chat enables lead & customer service assistance for notably lower costs than a typical telephone call or in-person interaction.

Convert More

Website visitors who participate in live chat tend to convert 3-4 times as often as those who don’t due to the instant assistance.

Increase Loyalty

Online shopper and web site visitors prefer Live Chat , as it doesn’t involve a channel shift or disrupt the customer’s experience

Build Trust

Your online visitors will trust you more if they have a real live person to talk to immediately incase of any concerns during purchase.

Improve Service

When you offer live chat on your business web site, it allows you to decrease response time and increase customer satisfaction.
Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Mark B. – CEO, Medical Equipment Company

We want to make our website world class and hired HelpFlow to handle live chat better than we were doing. HelpFlow stepped right in and quickly become a core part of our team. I highly recommend them!

David B. – Wooden Structures and Furniture Manufacturer

I love how fast you guys react to the feedback we provide. It’s been great to see you implement things so quickly and constantly improve.

Larry G. – Owner, ATM Distributor and Processor

We’ve been working with HelpFlow for a couple of years and I feel it’s the best single investment I’ve made on the internet. They keep refining their responses so people visiting our site get helpful information and are set up nicely when we do speak to them.

Edward G. – Owner, Wheels and Tires Company

We have used HelpFlow for several months now. Prior to using them we tried live chat on our own, but we were unable to consistently provide quick responses. With HelpFlow, our Web Site customers now have access to live chat 7 days per week until midnight. The complicated questions are referred over to our inside sales team, so they can concentrate on warm leads and not routine questions. Our web site conversions have gone up consistently, clearly justify the cost of this service. I would highly recommend this service to any company selling products online.

Johnpaul M. – Owner, Company Selling Insulation Products

Great service that has most definitely increased our sales. We find most of our customers who are looking to buy from our website do so between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. This is obviously when our office is closed but with Livechat and Helpflow they continue when we stop. Assisting our customers when we are not available to do so. This Livechat feature with Helpflow also leaves my sales team free to generate bigger sales as they are not interrupted during working hours with Livechat visitors. As a result we have sales generated from Livechat and also our sales teams sales are kept separate.

Rune B. – Owner, Company Selling Gaming Peripherals

Great product! We’re constantly learning from our customers, and we’ve experienced consistent improvements to conversion rates. The HelpFlow team is engaged and committed to help you grow your business.

Jason K. - Owner, Photography Company

I had a $900 client that literally said she was about to leave, but then the chat box came up. She said that she responded and ended up buying solely due to the fact that someone was there to answer her right away.

Andrew S. - Owner, Company Selling Screen Protectors

This service has been very useful in shepherding visitors through the sales process. The staff learned our scripts and are helpful answering questions from visitors. We are very satisfied with their service.

Dan N. - Owner, Company Selling Golf Cart Chargers

Great experience with HelpFlow. We’ve been working with Jon and his team for over 2 years and the chat reps keep getting better and better at understanding our business and communicating with potential customers. Their pricing is fair and we’d recommend them to anyone. Two thumbs up.

Jeff R. - Owner, Company Selling Massage and Skin Care Equipment

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS IS PURE GOLD. Do whatever it takes to get them on your side; your business with leap forward. Our sales growth lept forward massively , instantly as soon as we had them up and running on our site. Total game changer. A far cry from the poor job that we had been doing prior because we didn’t have the manpower to handle doing ourselves.

Kamal M. - Owner, Licensed Wine and Spirits Store

We have been using HelpFlow’s service for little over a year and it has been a great help to our team at the office and as well as for our customers. Visitors are often hesitant in picking up the phone and making a phone call but feel more comfortable to have a chat online. Having HelpFlow available across all devices makes it even more useful. Cheers!

Jeff K. - Owner, Company Selling Furniture

We sell custom home furnishings online which requires a lot of in-depth product knowledge and customer “hand-holding” throughout the buying process. HelpFlow’s chat agents were able to pick up on the unique nuances of our business quickly and are now able to answer our customers intricate furniture questions with ease. The best part is… we’ve proven that potential customers who chat with HelpFlow agents on our site and then purchase have a much higher AOV and conversion rate. I highly recommend HelpFlow!

Live Chat That Boosts Leads, Done Right!

Have you ever contacted a live chat support team that just had no idea what they were doing? We are the ultimate live chat platform that make your customers feel the exact opposite…


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