Fine Jeweler Achieved a 110X Revenue Impact After Having 24/7 Live Chat

Implementing HelpFlow 24/7 live chat not just improved customer experience on the
website but also reduced abandonment rates, boosted average order value, and achieved a 22X conversion rate impact for this high-traffic fine jewelry company.

Executive Summary

A recent HelpFlow client is a fine jewelry retailer that sees 200K visits per month to their online store, over half of which comes from nighttime browsers (when live-chat was unavailable). 

However, cart abandonment rates and abandoned checkout rates were high—leading to a significant loss of revenue. 

HelpFlow was able to implement a multi-tiered strategy focused on reducing payment screen abandons and engaging visitors who showed interest in multiple products. 

As a result, HelpFlow’s 24/7 live chat allowed for a massive increase in KPIs across the board, including revenue impact, conversion rates, and average order value—all in a single month. 

Key Results

In one month…

Goal: 3X Revenue Impact. Results: 110X Revenue Impact

Goal: 45 New Sales.
Results: 235 New Sales
(5X More)

Conversion Rate w/ Live Chat: 22X Higher Than Without It

AOV of Visitors Engaged in Chat: 19% Higher Than Without It 

Terms Definition

Revenue Impact: Revenue increase for every $1 invested with HelpFlow. 

Conversion Rate: Percentage of visitors who turned into paying customers.

AOV: Average order value per sale.

A Closer Look to the Client’s Business

The jewelry industry is notoriously packed with intermediaries, go-betweens, and middlemen. 

The problem is, with each new hand a piece touches, the overall cost to the consumer rises. 

As a result, a $500 piece of jewelry can see upcharges of anywhere from 100-500%.

Jewelry Industry Disruptors

The client’s goal is to change that model. 

By cutting out the middlemen, they’re able to provide beautiful, ethically sourced jewelry to consumers without the extravagant prices of competitors. 

Plus, all pieces are made through a family-owned production house with over 40 years of proven expertise.

On average, the client saves consumers up to 60% compared to other fine jewelry stores.

Online Savvy

While the client’s prices are without a doubt its most industry disrupting qualities, its online shopping experience comes in at a close second. 

With a plethora of product reviews, plenty of high-def photos, numerous customization options, and free shipping and returns, it’s clear the client knows what it takes to make an online shopping experience successful. 

It’s no wonder that after just under 5 years, the client has been able to achieve an impressive rate of traffic at more than 200,000 visitors per month

The Challenge:
Engage Overnight Visitors & Reduce Abandon Rates

Before HelpFlow started working with this client, they were successful, but they were looking for better ways to move the needle in their business. 

Like other high-traffic eCommerce businesses, the client experienced high rates of cart abandonment and checkout abandonment (see Benchmark Numbers).

Added to that, just over half of all their customers were browsing in the evenings. 

So while they did have a live chat team in place (internal employees), these team members were not available to field questions after business hours. 

They were also hesitant to hand off part of their customer service to a third party, believing that it’d be far too difficult to teach all the ins and outs of their business to an outside team.

Goals for Working With HelpFlow

In the end, the client needed to see a number of things happen in order for our partnership to be a success. 

24/7 Live Chat Capability – They needed a 24/7 live chat partner that could field questions after business hours and reduce abandonment rates.

Positive Revenue Impact – They needed to see a positive impact on their revenue as a direct result of working with HelpFlow in order to justify the investment.

More Sales + More Conversions – They were hoping not just for more sales through reduced abandonment rates, but also higher conversion rates for visitors as a whole. 

A Smooth Onboarding Process – They wanted the onboarding process to go smoothly without having to take too much time away from current team members. 

Client Benchmark Numbers

Average Traffic:
200,000 per month

Traffic Split: 45% during operating hours, 55% outside of operating hours

Average Conversion Rate: 0.23%

Abandoned Cart Rate: 89%

Abandoned Checkout Rate: 88%

The Strategy:
A Multi-Pronged Approach to Driving Engagement

After learning more about the client’s business and their unique needs, HelpFlow put together a customized strategy that would help the fine jeweler achieve all of their goals throughout the partnership. 

This strategy was built on a multi-pronged approach, using 4 specific strategies:

  1. Reduce Checkout Abandons
  2. Engage With Interested Browsers
  3. Make the Onboarding Process as Smooth & Hassle-Free as Possible 


Strategy #1: Reduce Checkout Abandons

The first part of HelpFlow’s strategy revolved around reducing cart abandonment. 

As any successful eCommerce business knows, rampant cart abandonment can be devastating for revenue (see “Stats on Cart Abandonment”). 

This is especially true for industries where cart abandonment happens after business hours like in the evenings or over the weekend. 

This client was no exception. 

Over half of their traffic came in outside of business hours and they were suffering from an especially high abandonment rate (nearly 90%).

HelpFlow’s service was designed to tackle both of these problems.

1. After-Hours Shopping – HelpFlow agents are available 24/7 to respond to live chat requests. Evenings, weekends, holidays—online businesses never take a break. And neither do we. This, of course, would be a huge step up for the client since their team was only available to answer questions during business hours.

2. Checkout Abandonment Prevention – With over 200+ clients served and 1,000,000 chats answered, HelpFlow has created a           comprehensive system for predicting cart abandonments before they happen. As such, specialists are able to reach out to shoppers before they start to abandon (i.e. 1-2 steps before) in order to answer questions, re-engage shoppers, and prevent abandoned carts.

After analyzing the client’s business, HelpFlow determined they would need to convert between 3-5% of checkout abandons in order to make their partnership profitable for the client.

End Goal for Positive Revenue Impact: Convert Between 3% & 5% of Checkout Abandons (15 -25 Sales)

Related Industry Statistics: Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a serious issue for eCommerce businesses today. 

But what do the numbers say? 

Below are a few statistics to shed some light on the damage that unchecked cart abandonment can cause for your business. 

  • The reported average cart abandonment rate across all industries ranges from about 70% (Baymard Institute) to 80% (OptinMonster).
  • Shopping cart abandonment causes over $18 billion in lost yearly revenue for eCommerce brands (Forrester Research). 
  • Cart abandonment rates continue to rise, growing from 59.8% in 2006 to nearly 70% in 2020 (Statista). 
  • Checkout abandonment tends to be the highest after normal business hours from 8-9pm (Eye Studios). 
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 carts are abandoned over the weekend (Formisimo). 

Strategy #2:
Engage With Interested Browsers

In addition to preventing checkout abandonments using 24/7 live chat, HelpFlow is also able to meet or exceed revenue impact goals by engaging with interested browsers on the client’s website.

HelpFlow agents will engage with visitors across the client’s entire website, including at checkout, in their cart, but also on product pages, services descriptions, about us pages, and more. 

Now, HelpFlow isn’t just a service to respond to your site visitors’ questions. It also proactively engages with visitors who are interacting with your content. 

Here’s an idea of how this works. 

With HelpFlow’s 24/7 live chat, you and our specialists can:

Track Time & Scroll Depth

This provides a better understanding of how long a visitor is engaging with your content and see how deep they’re scrolling through the page. You can also see engagements on the pages (e.g., switching between specification tabs, etc.). The benefit is you get a much clearer picture of whether they’re truly interested in learning more about your product or service. 

Track Multi-Product Views

Comparison shopping is especially common among online consumers. With HelpFlow, you and our specialists can see when visitors are switching back and forth between products, indicating that they’re likely weighing one option versus another. 

Engage to Move Into a Purchase

With this information, our agents are able to engage with visitors at the most opportune time to answer questions, provide suggestions, remind consumers of specific benefits, and ultimately guide them towards a purchasing decision. 

Using these specific benefits, HelpFlow determined they would need to convert at
least 0.03% of multiple product viewers on the site with live chat. 

End Goal for Positive Revenue Impact: Convert at Least 0.03% of Multiple Product Viewers (20 Sales)

Related Industry Statistics: Quality Live Chat Boosts Conversions

Incorporating high-quality 24/7 live chat does more than just preventing checkout abandonment. It can also give active shoppers the touch of customer service needed to drive a sale. 

Here are some statistics to show how live chat helps boost conversions. 

  • 79% of consumers feel like getting quick answers to their questions impacted their buying decisions (Acquire). 
  • Website visitors are 82% more likely to convert to customers if they’ve chatted with your team and are worth 13% more per purchase (Intercom). 
  • 48% of consumers favor companies with proactive support (Zendesk). 
  • 33% of proactive chats initiated received a positive response from visitors (Olark).
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 consumers will stop all interactions with a brand after a bad customer service experience (Kayako).
  • 20% of consumers spread negative word of mouth about poor live chat experience (Kayako).

Strategy #3: Make the Onboarding Process as Smooth & Hassle-Free as Possible

Last but certainly not least, many businesses are wary of live chat services because they think that there’s simply no way another company can understand their business. 

There are too many finer details. Too many exceptions to the rules. And too many multi-hour training sessions needed to explain all the ins and outs of it all. 

And for some live chat services, that might be true. 

But HelpFlow has developed a comprehensive and methodical onboarding process that’s designed to learn every inch of the business from the inside out. 

It’s built on a foundation of: 

  • 1M+ chat visitors served
  • Worked with 100+ businesses like yours
  • Experience with complex industries like medical device manufacturers, industrial machine parts distributors, and more. 

Our experience lets us predict some of the most common questions your customers are bound to have. 

But for the more complex questions, we also build a dynamic and robust knowledge base for each client. 

Previous chats, helpdesk info, spec sheets, buyers guides, competitor websites—we pull in an extensive amount of information to let our agents seamlessly answer your customers’ complex questions.

Over the course of working with clients, the unique knowledge base is continuously updated using customer and client feedback too. 

Best of all, this knowledge base is built entirely by HelpFlow’s team, not the client.

It’s a massively efficient system that makes it simple for HelpFlow to hit the ground running and let the client stick to running their business without spending hour after hour onboarding.

The Results: Above & Beyond Expectations

From January 15th to February 15th, HelpFlow was able to achieve the following results for the client:

110X Revenue Impact (Targeting 3X)

235 New Sales
From Chat (Targeting 43)

22X Higher Conversion Rate From Chat

19% Higher AOV
Through Chat

Results Breakdown: Revenue Impact

“Revenue Impact” is a way to measure the value of a new service brought to the company compared to the amount spent on that service. 

Before working together, HelpFlow was aiming for a Revenue Impact of 3, meaning they would have earned the client 3 times their investment. 

But in just 1 month, HelpFlow actually achieved an astounding Revenue Impact of 110. That means the client saw 110X more revenue generated than what they invested with HelpFlow.  

Results Breakdown: New Sales

The enormous Revenue Impact was fueled by a plethora of sales that were being driven by live chat. 

After they started working with HelpFlow, the client saw an additional 235 new sales in just 1 month alone. 

To put that into perspective, there were 620 other total sales made without chatting with HelpFlow. 

As a result, HelpFlow’s 24/7 chat drove nearly 38% more sales in that time period than what would have occurred without it. 

Results Breakdown: Conversion Rate Impact

Within the time period of January 15th through February 15th, about 267,187 visitors browsed the client’s website. 

Of those visitors, about 0.23% became customers without chatting (620 as mentioned above). 

But of those who did chat, about 5.06% became paying customers (235 as mentioned above). 

This means that HelpFlow’s live chat was able to drive 22X more conversions compared to non-chat visitors.

Results Breakdown: Average Order Value (AOV)

Average Order Value or AOV also saw a surprising boost when live chat was involved. 

The AOV of customers without using chat was $982.52. 

But when HelpFlow’s live chat was involved, AOV jumped to $1,166.61.

That’s an 18.74% increase

Needless to say, it was just one more welcome surprise for the client.

HelpFlow: Your 24/7 Live Chat and CS Team

eCommerce is a 24-hour industry.   Midnight browsers, Sunday afternoon shoppers—these are a core part of any online store’s primary audience.   Without a team to re-engage these users, answer their questions, and drive them to purchase, you can expect to miss out on a massive revenue opportunity—just like the client was. 

The live-chat professionals at HelpFlow were able to earn a substantial return for this fine jeweler by reducing abandonment rates, increasing AOV, and earning a 110X revenue impact.  HelpFlow can do the same for you. 

Schedule your free strategy call right now to see what HelpFlow can do for your eCommerce business.