Sales Account Strategist


You will take newly generated sales opportunities and execute a defined consultative selling process to signup good fit clients to their 1st quarter – ultimately kicking off the client with the Client Success Team.

Is this you?

  • You have experience owning B2B deals with an average annual contract value of $12K-$60K/year.
  • Yes, you want a fair base salary – but you’re most focused on making Php 1000’s per closed sale and earning far into the 6 figures. 
  • You are metrics / success driven, self motivated, and can set and keep a pace to reach your goals. 

  • You have the discipline to excel in a full time remote / virtual work environment, and appreciate the upsides of this lifestyle. 

Before Applying, watch the Video Introduction then hit the apply button below.


***Video was created a few years ago when we only have ~50 employees.  We now have over 100 employees working remotely.

My name is Jon Tucker, CEO at We’ve built a great company over the past 7 years with ~ 100+ amazing team members and are looking for the next key addition to the team.

If the role above sounds like a fit for you, here are next steps (details matter):

1. Spend a few mins watching the video above.
2. Then, click the button below to complete the application.
3. We’ll review your application and respond with next steps at that time.

By the way, this is a pretty in depth application and interview process so if you are just job searching and the above doesn’t truly hit you hard as a great fit, don’t bother applying. This will save you time – no hard feelings ; )

Chat soon,

Jon Tucker

CEO, HelpFlow

Culture Fit For Our Company

Happy and Successful on A Virtual Team

You prefer working virtually, you’re happy in this environment, and you use best practices for virtual teams to be successful.

Independently Effective

Once you understand the end goal, you are able to work independently day by day to achieve that goal. You know when to seek out help if needed.

Fast Learner

You don’t know everything, but can learn anything with a little direction from your Manager and the initiative you have to find self-guided / online resources.

Computer Savvy and Efficient

You have moderate to advanced computer experience, such as navigating quickly, using multiple apps at once, etc.

Levelling Up

You see and pursue opportunities to improve yourself, and the company.


You respect creating and using processes, and take the time to document processes so that other team members can support you and scale your success.

Before Applying, watch the Video Introduction then hit the apply button below.