Outbound Email Marketing Specialist / Consultant

Do You Want To Help Improve Outbound Email Campaigns?

HelpFlow provides live chat agents for nearly 100 websites. We launched in 2014, we have ~ 100 employees, and we all work virtually.

We are hiring an Outbound Email Marketing Specialist / Consultant to assist the company in growing the business’ client portfolio by doing an audit on existing outbound email marketing campaigns and presenting ideas on how to improve to generate a steady flow of marketing qualified leads thru this channel.  This person will also introduce other techniques and strategies to help in achieving the mentioned goal.

Info about the role:

  • Part-time / Contract / Freelance role – this person / agency will be available to perform pre-determined tasks and drive up to completion.  Tasks include:
    -Performing an audit of existing outbound email campaign and present findings on specific gaps / holes within the process.
    -Present ways to improve existing outbound email campaign for the campaign to drive qualified leads for the sales team. The consultant will also present other campaigns or strategies (aside from what’s existing already) that would drive leads to the funnel.
    -The marketing team will be implementing the ideas (not the consultant) but the consultant should be available for any questions that may arise or any assistance that may be required.
    -After the marketing team implements the improvements or new campaigns, results will be evaluated by the consultant and the marketing team to continuously improve the campaigns.
  • Reports to Marketing Manager and Marketing Director
  • Salary TBD based on experience and scope of work
  • You’ll work virtually from home, during US business hours (PST)
  • Can be located anywhere. We’re more particular on the track record of the consultant that the location.


  • You have at least 2 years of B2B Outbound Email Marketing experience.  Preference will be given to those with experience in targeting eCommerce businesses.
  • Ability to audit existing campaigns and propose improvements or new ideas to generate more leads.
  • Proven Track Record on Outbound Email Marketing – you should have a portfolio of past clients results that you can present to the Marketing Director to show experience and results generated.


  • Stable high-speed internet connection
  • Headset with mic and webcam for team meetings
  • Ability to attend meetings during US PST hours — communication is very important to HelpFlow thus we are going to schedule a regular meeting cadence to ensure that updates on the tasks are given and topics needed to discussed are handled on a timely manner.

REQUIRED: Process Adherence, creation and Improvement of Outbound Email Campaign and Infrastructure

  • Ability to adjust to HelpFlow’s standard processes and utilize existing tools and software. (We are open to using other systems but we have tried a lot of them already and we know what works for us and what doesn’t.)
  • Ability to recommend and implement process improvement initiatives that would make the current process more effective and yield better results (like integration between systems, creating zaps in zapier, etc.)
  • Enter name of company if you represent a Marketing Agency