Facebook Lead Generation Specialist

Do You Want to Generate Qualified Leads and Help the Company Grow? 

We are hiring a Facebook Lead Generation Specialist who will be responsible for the entire lead generation experience for prospects with the ultimate goal of producing the target volume of market qualified leads at the target cost per lead.

If  you are looking for a role where you will be able to use your Facebook Advertisement knowledge and lead generation skills, this is a great opportunity for you.


  • Set up campaigns based on the campaign brief including audience targeting / segmentation.
  • Creation of ads utilizing campaign brief as guidance and content assets from the Director of Marketing and configuration of campaign analytics with the support of Website Specialist as needed.
  • In depth optimization of the campaign after launch to achieve campaign goal.

BENEFITS (The job is a bit challenging but rewarding):

  • Work from home and save time – no more getting stuck in traffic
  • Earn in $US and save money – no need to spend allowance for transportation or clothing
  • Career growth
  • Stable virtual company (we have been in the industry for 3+ years!


    • Advanced Facebook advertising lead generation experience, including cold / warm / hot traffic strategies, how to segment audiences and move them forward in the funnel effectively.  Deep understanding of the Facebook advertising algorithm and how to leverage it to optimize for results.
    • Advanced experience with ad campaign testing and tracking to improve KPIs, including split testing of ads / pages / content, micro-conversion analytics (i.e. view, click, form field and conversion event tracking), user activity monitoring (i.e. heat mapping, session recordings, etc.), full funnel analytics from initial lead generation to converted paying customer, and other best practices to make data-based methodical changes to improve performance quickly.
    •  Experience creating ad copy and imagery professionally and efficiently, including bulk creation of variations.
    • Experience collaborating with marketing team to achieve team goals and individual accountabilities including up front and ongoing collaboration (meetings, etc.) clear and efficient text and verbal communication related to your needs as well as your support of other team members’ needs, etc.
    • Experience working with virtual team via online project management system in addition to web conferences.
    • Available to meet briefly daily with marketing team during US PST hours, with schedule TBD.

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