Cart abandons suck. After spending a fortune on paid traffic channels getting people to your website, it’s incredibly frustrating to see them leave the cart.

Even more frustrating is seeing people abandon so late in the checkout process. If you check your stats past add to cart, you’ll see that around 50% of your checkouts will abandon, and around 50% of those abandon directly on the payment page.

An obvious tactic to use is a strong cart recovery email sequence. While this will help save some of the abandons, cart recovery emails do not address the core questions that cause people to abandon in the first place.

With one small tweak to your cart abandon email sequences, you can spark up a real-time conversation directly from email, address the questions that caused the abandon in the first place, and save more sales.

At HelpFlow, we provide 24/7 live chat teams to over 100 stores. A big part of how we drive sales is deeply integrating into the checkout recovery process on-site and in emails.

In this post, I will walk through how to supercharge your cart recovery emails by integrating live chat directly into them.

Let’s get into it…


Add Live Chat as a CTA in Emails

When someone abandons check out, most stores send a variation of reminder, discount, and hail mary discount as their cart recovery campaign. This will drive some sales, but you’re not able to answer the visitor’s question that caused them to abandon.

Live chat is great to have conversations with website visitors, but it can also be used to spark up conversations with email recipients of your cart recovery emails.

  • Add a simple call to action something along the lines of “Have a quick question? Chat with our team here.”
  • When a visitor clicks that link, it opens their order just like a normal cart recovery email. But it also has a chat box open already connected to your agent.
  • From there, your agent can answer the visitor’s questions and ultimately drive the sale.

The basic strategy here is to convert the email into a live conversation where you can understand what caused the abandon and address it. By connecting directly to why the visitor abandoned, your conversions from these emails will increase a lot.


Use Chat Conversations to Improve Checkout

The conversations you have with visitors on chat are a window into their minds. You will be able to understand what caused them to abandon, their thought process when it comes to your store’s products and policies, and much more.

When you run live chat at scale, patterns will emerge between all of these conversations. You can save a lot of sales with real-time conversations, but you can improve your entire check out recovery process by integrating these insights into your website, your emails, and your retargeting ads.

  • For example, you may realize that the shipping policy that you feel is clear is confusing a lot of visitors. Figure out how to explain it well within chat so the point gets across, and then use that insight to update your website.
  • Or you might realize that a certain product line has a really common question or line of questions that aren’t addressed on the website or in the checkout. You can identify those on chat and then integrate them back into the website.

Leverage live chat for more than just a sale from an individual chat.

What’s Next?

If you’re already using 24/7 live chat, this is an easy change to implement. Just add a tagged link to your cart at the end of the emails that will open the chat box directly on the website. If you’re not using 24/7 live chat, you can send this to a chatbot to gather the question. But it definitely won’t perform as well.

If you want to explore how to use 24/7 live chat to drive check out recovery and conversions throughout the website, reach out and we can schedule a strategy call. Even if we don’t work together, you’ll get a lot of insights from the process since we have worked with so many stores.

Jon Tucker


Jon Tucker is CEO of HelpFlow, a provider of 24/7 live chat and customer service teams for 100+ eCommerce stores. Launched in 2015, their team of agents has produced nearly $100M in chat revenue for a wide range of stores using a conversion-focused approach to live chat.


Your Store Needs a 24/7 Live Chat Team


HelpFlow can drive sales by having our team of human agents available on live chat 24/7 to predict and save abandons before they happen, proactively reach out and engage with visitors via SMS and email after they abandon, and by answering visitor questions live on your website to convert visitors.