It can be frustrating to spend so much time and money building your store and bringing in traffic only to see many people abandon in the middle of the sales process.

HelpFlow did a collaboration with HeyCarson on a blog post that talks about how you can improve your site’s conversion by predicting and saving abandons with live chat.

At HelpFlow, we provide 24/7 live chat teams to over 100 e-commerce stores. After over six years in business and millions of chats, we’ve learned how to save a lot of abandons with live chat. We use a combination of technical wizardry and chat experience to make this happen, and we’ve broken this down for you so you can do the same.

 In this blog post, we will teach you how to predict if somebody will abandon. There are readily available tools that you can use to see patterns and reasons why people leave.

Once you see these patterns, we will also teach you how to engage with these people thru live chat. Not everyone will engage in chatting, but for those who do you can use the insights that you get from the conversations to impact every single website visitor. As we always say, “Chat conversations are a window into the mind of the visitors.” You will see other patterns after managing a reasonable number of chats.

By predicting abandons and engaging with visitors, a goldmine of insights will be readily available for you to help you optimize your conversion. Once you get into a routine of reviewing chats regularly, flag the patterns you see and add improvements to your development list. These can be great tasks for the Carson team.

With a proactive approach to engage with your visitors on chat before they abandon, you can save a big chunk of them. Read the blog post by clicking here.

Jon Tucker


Jon Tucker is CEO of HelpFlow, a provider of 24/7 live chat and customer service teams for 100+ eCommerce stores. Launched in 2015, their team of agents has produced nearly $100M in chat revenue for a wide range of stores using a conversion-focused approach to live chat.


Your Store Needs a 24/7 Live Chat Team


HelpFlow can drive sales by having our team of human agents available on live chat 24/7 to predict and save abandons before they happen, proactively reach out and engage with visitors via SMS and email after they abandon, and by answering visitor questions live on your website to convert visitors.