Case Study:
Scaling Up A Clothing Business

Scaling up your business isn’t just about increasing your ad spend.  It’s more than that.  You need to ensure that you maximize every visitor that you get from your ads and not just let them slip away.  In this case study, we’ll show you how HelpFlow helped a Clothing-business scale up by chatting with their visitors to increase conversion rate and recover checkout abandons using our live chat service.

This client sells clothing and has a heavy Facebook ad driven model.

We started working with them at a point where they were ready to start scaling up, and live chat was a part of that plan. You can see here how they’ve scaled up. 

While growth in ad spend is obviously a big part of this driver, a major reason they were able to scale up ad spend was due to nailing their site-wide conversion rate.There’s 2 main ways we drove a lot of value here:

  1. Chatting with visitors before they bought (8.34% conversion rate, 4x+ the sitewide conversion rate)
  2. Recovering checkout abandons using live chat (like we talked about – $s below)


Here’s how the HelpFlow economics break down:

  1. For May, they were on a $6K/month plan. 
  2. We needed appx $18K in sales to be profitable. 
  3. We brought in $61K, $55K of which is from chat recovered checkouts. 
  4. * They have less abandon opportunity which is why we didn’t recover more. 

That’s a a 10x return on chat spend, and 3.4x revenue from chat vs profitability point. 


At HelpFlow, we do not just provide live chat service to everyone.  We analyze our customer’s website data and marketing strategy to ensure that we bring ROI from our service.  We provide great customer experience and we empower your business to be able to maximize your ad spend with tested and proven strategies like abandoned cart recovery

We do this for over a hundred eCommerce businesses and we can probably do the same for you.  Book a Strategy Call below to see if we’re a fit.  Whether we work together or not, you will get actionable insights from the Strategy Call that you can apply to your business.

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